The 11th TechTurku Week focuses on showcasing the range of ICT expertise in the Turku region. Each day features an overarching theme, star-powered speakers, and exciting new features. Check out the day-by-day schedule with links to the B2Match platform below!

TechTurku Week will be organized in Turku for the eleventh time!

TechTurku Week 2022 will see the return of old favorites and the debut of entirely new features. The ICT Showroom, where student groups showcase their work takes place on the Thursday of the Week, while the TechTurku Walk sessions both open and conclude the five days of Turku-based tech expertise.

At the heart of the Week are the guest speakers, who relate to the overall theme of each individual day. Ranging from public organisations to local SME’s and global conglomerates such as the social media giant Meta, TechTurku Week is sure to offer entertainment and insight to all tech-oriented professionals and students.

Depending on the prevailing situation, TechTurku Week 2022 is being organised as a both online and on-site hybrid event. The on-site operation take place at the Visitor Centre Joki in Turku and online happens on the B2Match platform. In addition to the scheduled programming, B2Match also features matchmaking and networking.

All TechTurku events are open to the public and completely free of charge. Most of the events require registration beforehand.

Turku Science Park Ltd., which is responsible for providing and coordinating company services in the Turku region, is coordinating the programme and events. If your organisation is interested in producing content for future events, you can find the relevant contact information at the bottom of the page.

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TechTurku Week 5.-12.3.2021

Some numbers from the 2021 TechTurku Week:

400+ registered attendees
– 50% of participants were company representatives
26 countries represented
50+ speakers
– Participant experience rating 4.13 out of 5

The programme for the 2021 event was produced by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd., the City of Turku, the Association of Entrepreneurs Turku, the Turku Chamber of Commerce, TechCampus Turku and Turku Science Park Ltd. The event also included interesting international partners and speakers.

Each day of the TechTurku Week features an opening session with speakers from various backgrounds, continues with a practical discussion with company representatives, and concludes with an international component. This structure is occasionally disrupted by evening programming and other suprises, so be sure to eye the full programme in detail!

In addition to the structured presentations, TechTurku Week 2022 also features components that run for the entire week. These include European Enterprise Network matchmaking sessions, showcases for ICT jobs in the Turku region, and networking with regional, national and international partners.

TechTurku Week 2022 takes place on the B2Match online platform. The main language of the event is English, but some presentations will take place in Finnish.

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Monday, March 7: Clusters and Networks

The 11th TechTurku Week kicks off with a focus on clusters and networks. The day features the new TechTurku Walk, where visitors get to know Turku-region tech powerhouses, such as the Machine Technology Center. The actual programme starts with words from Minna Arve, they Mayor of Turku. Peter Sarlin, CEO of the AI-giant Silo.AI talks about the state of the AI scene in Turku, and Mika Hannula, Vice Rector of the University of Turku, discusses the importance of tech research and networks. Other topics for the day include women in data science and internationalization.

Tuesday, March 8: Cybersecurity and Digitalization

On Day 2, all eyes are on cybersecurity and digitalization. Topics range from how to protect your assets with blockchain technology to sustainability in ICT. Digitalization takes a close look at digital twins in maritime sector, bringing in the leading experts of the industry to discuss the future of digital twinning.

Wednesday, March 9: Manufacturing Industry

Day 3, all about tech in the manufacturing industry, opens with Milica Todorovic’s talk on AI-led engineering, followed by discussions on current trends in manufacturing. In the afternoon, company representatives talk about how they apply the latest in ICT to improve their operations.

Thursday, March 10: The TEEMA 2022 Seminar and the ICT Showroom

This year, the ICT Showroom is a pitching competition of tech student teams who present their projects to the juries of local company representatives.  The pitching is going to be streamed to online audiences from ICT City’s Delta auditorium.

The TEEMA seminar is an entirely-in-Finnish deep dive into AI, digitalization in healthcare and information security.

Friday, March 11: Energy Control, Storage, and Mobility

The Week closes with talk about digital twins, decarbonization and everything else energy-related. Cleantech is the keyword for Friday with speakers ranging from organizations like the Turku University of Applied Sciences to major private-sector players such as Wärtsilä. Friday also sees another opportunity to participate in the TechTurku Walk to get to know high-tech locations in Turku.

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